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The Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand supports scientists as they use cutting-edge techniques to investigate the world around us, create modern materials, and solve problems of worldwide significance in biology and medicine.

Global representation

The SCANZ Executive represents laboratories, researchers, and institutes within the region.

Prestigious awards

Recognising the achievements of leading scientists in Australia and New Zealand.


Organising education and outreach activities to promote the value of crystallography.

Academic discussion

Promoting communication through regional conferences and scientific forums.

We are a group of scientists interested in the general area of crystallography.

The society has about 250 members worldwide, mostly in Australia and New Zealand. SCANZ has a formal connection with Australian Academy of Science, via the National Committee for Crystallography (NCCr), and the National Committee for Materials Science and Engineering (NCMSE).

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News and upcoming events

27 Oct 2024–29 Oct 2024

CRYSTAL35 Conference

The venue and dates of the CRYSTAL35 Conference are confirmed.  Join us at the Rydges Esplanade Hotel Fremantle, in Western Australia from Sunday 27th October to Tuesday 29th October 2024

Fremantle is a beautiful place to visit with lots to do and plentiful accommodation options. The venue is readily accessible from Perth Airport by public transport.

See the website for details: 

CRYSTAL35 is supported by Business Events Perth

7 months ago

ARC Laureate Fellowship and Georgina Sweet Award to Prof. Yun Liu

Professor Yun Liu (ANU) has been awarded an ARC Laureate Fellowship and the Georgina Sweet award in 2021.  The Georgina Sweet Fellowship,  which  supports  the  promotion  of  women  in  research, is awarded to one outstanding female Laureate each year. You can read all about Yun's award in the latest newsletter.
9 months ago

IUCr Newsletter Editorial on AlphaFold and the Future of Structural Biology

AlphaFold has revolutionalised structural biology.  What's next for structural biology?  Read the IUCr newsletter editorial by SCANZ members Prof. Charlie Bond and Prof. Edward Baker on the topic. 

9 months ago

Polymorphism and its importance

Polymorphism, the phenomenon where the same chemical entity yields different crystal forms, directly impacts on the behaviour of many industrially relevant chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  Read the IUCr Newsletter article by UNSW X-ray crystallographer, Dr Mohan Bhadbhade.
2 years ago

2022 Nancy Millis Medal for Women in Science

Professor Vanessa Peterson from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation has been awarded the 2022 Nancy Millis Medal for Women in Science. Professor Peterson’s significant research targets functional materials at the heart of energy technology such as batteries, fuel cells and materials for the separation and storage of energy relevant gases including hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Vanessa was the recipient of the Sandy Mathieson Medal in 2017.

You can read about the award here and watch a video outlining Vanessa's achievements and work.

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SCANZ membership includes recognition of membership of the crystallography community, an online forum for research questions, career development and education, reduced conference registration fees, eligibility for research awards and Maslen conference scholarships, and the latest SCANZ and IUCr newsletters.

There are membership categories for regular, student and corporate members. For retirees, a life membership can be purchased.  Please contact the treasurer (email).  

SCANZ membership is on a calendar year basis. Prices shown are currently the same in AUD and NZD. To join, two current members will need to sponsor your application; they are required to be current financial members as well. Please write to the current SCANZ secretary if you do not know any sponsors.


  • Full academic annual membership
  • for Australian and New Zealand members
  • Available as 1-year, 2-year, and 5-year subscriptions

$30/3 years

  • for currently enrolled PhD students in Australia and New Zealand
  • Available as a 3-year subscription for standard candidature


  • Research institutes, private companies, and scientific suppliers
  • Subscriptions on a per-year basis


Bragg Medal

The Lawrence Bragg Medal is awarded for distinguished contributions to science involving X-ray, neutron or electron diffraction and/or imaging.

Application information will be circulated via email to members when the award is open (in the lead up to SCANZ meetings). 

Award Recipients

Illustrative Application Form

Mathieson Medal

The Sandy Mathieson Medal is awarded for distinguished contributions to science involving diffraction or imaging by a researcher within 15 years of the award of their PhD.

The Sandy Mathieson Medal is awarded annually.  Application information will be circulated via email to members when the award is open.  

Award Recipients

Illustrative Application Form  

Maslen Scholarships

Maslen Scholarships are awarded to selected postgraduate members to help fund attendance and present research at crystallography conferences.

Application details and scholarship conditions will be circulated via email to members when the award is open (typically in the lead up to affiliated national and international conferences). 

Illustrative Application Form  

Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Membership of the Society may be granted to a person pre-eminent in Crystallography and/or one who has rendered conspicuous service to the Society.

Please see the Constitution, Article III, Section 3 for details of the process. Honorary Life Members (to be added).

Maureen Mackay Travel Awards

Maureen Mackay Travel Awards are given to support those with carer responsibilities to attend national or international meetings that encompass scientific fields represented by SCANZ.  

Application details and scholarship conditions will be circulated via email to members when the award is open (typically twice a year - COB 30th April each year for conferences held from April to September and COB 30th September each year for conferences held from September to April).

Illustrative Application Form  

Contacts & Council



Charlie Bond
University of Western Australia



Vice President

Christopher Sumby
The University of Adelaide



Portrait of SCANZ Past President 

Past President

Megan Maher
The University of Melbourne



    David Turner
    Monash University



    Jack Clegg
    The University of Queensland


     Portrait of SCANZ NZ representative

    NZ NCCr Representative 

    Kurt Krause
    The University of Otago



    Lauren Macreadie
    University of Sydney




    James Hester
    The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation




    Emily Parker
    Victoria University of Wellington



    Newsletter editor

    Michelle Miller
    The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

    Portrait of SCANZ ANCCr representative

    Australian NCCr representative

    Michael Parker
    University of Melbourne